Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at The Home Craftsman: An Innovative Software to Make Your Digital Work Easy


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, Moser Home Craftsman is a great home-based financial accounting ERP software. It is suitable for people who need to work on service and maintenance projects, logistics order processing systems, mobile customer operations, and more.

What are the main features of Moser Home Craftsman?

Moser Home Craftsman is easy to set up and use. The ERP software is designed for home-based craftsmen to allow them to track their income and manage their projects.

The main features of the program include:

  • The interface to show profits for each client
  • Automatic income and expense tracking
  • Printing of reports in PDF format
  • Run different campaigns for your digital needs through the DATEV interface, GAEB interface, and Marion interface.

It also allows you to divide different tasks based on the following categories:

  • Tasks that need to be carried out by someone else
  • Tasks that need to be carried out on the road
  • Tasks that need to be carried out at home or in the office

How can Moser Home Craftsman benefit your business?

Now, let’s look at a few important ways Moser Home Craftsman can benefit your business:

  • Better resource management and planning – ERP software such as the Moser Home Craftsman allow businesses to maximize their resource management and planning needs.Automation streamlines tasks such as reporting and invoicing, finance and accounting features make it easier to store and manage finance-related data, and analytics and reporting features make it easier to gain data-driven insights.
  • Improved productivity – Automation of major processes such as invoice generation and inventory tracking help to improve productivity to a great degree. Plus, sharing data in real-time enables greater enterprise collaboration and creates a smooth workflow that helps eliminate errors and duplicate data.
  • Better customer relationship – Customer relationship management is crucial in every business, and it is key to the growth and sustainability of a business. However, managing the needs of your customers is not easy without the help of ERP systems.Moser Home Craftsman allows you to offer better customer service by helping you to reduce billing or invoicing errors, streamlining accounts and invoices receivable, closing books faster at the end of each month, and more.
  • Predictability and scalability – In order to sustain the operations of a business, you need to make it as predictable as possible since it would allow you to spot opportunities and avoid disasters when the time comes.The best ways to do so are to gather real-time data from your business, maintain enhanced data security, and conduct better inventory tracking.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you opt for the free two-month subscription plan offered by the company to try out the Moser Home craftsman. You can test the different features of the ERP software for free during the trial period and purchase it only if you like the ERP software product. Otherwise, you can simply cancel the subscription and choose a different solution for your business needs.

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